Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Take action to exempt organic farms from the Ohio Livestock Board

The following is a statement from Food & Water Watch. It does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of Rural Action Sustainable Agriculture or OhioFoodshed.org. We welcome any differing opinions.

Tom Redfern, Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator, Rural Action
Bob Fedyski, Sustainable Agriculture, Local/Institutional Foods

"We need 200 comments by 9:30am Wednesday!

Take action to exempt organic farms from the Ohio Livestock Board Rulings

Don't Let Bureaucracy Sink Ohio's Organic Farms!

Help Protect Organic Farms in Ohio.

Last November, Ohio passed Issue 2 to create a new livestock board. With your help, we fought against this initiative because of concerns that the board would favor corporate agribusiness over smaller, sustainable farmers. We're still worried that this board will cause all kinds of problems, but right now we have a huge opportunity to protect Ohio's organic farmers from the livestock board. Can you contact your state legislators?

Legislators are planning on putting the costs of this unnecessary board back on Ohio farmers by placing a tax on feed for animals. This could be tough for all farmers in these economic times, but we're especially concerned about organic producers. Certified organic producers already face tough standards from the USDA and have to pay for their organic certification. Can you ask your state legislator to exempt organic farms from the board's rules and added fees?

Organic is part of the solution, and these farmers shouldn't be forced to pay for an unelected board that is likely to benefit factory farms.
Please contact your legislators today, and ask them to exempt organic farmers from the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board."


Thanks for taking action,

Alex, Sarah, Noelle and the Food Team
Food & Water Watch

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