Monday, October 19, 2009

The Facts on Issue 2

Issue 2 is a proposed Constitutional Amendment to Create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board. It is proposed by a Joint Resolution of the General Assembly of Ohio. It would enact Section 1 of Article XIV of the Ohio Constitution. A yes vote means approval of the Amendment, a no vote means disapproval of the amendment. A majority yes vote is required for the amendment to be adopted. If approved this amendment would go into effect immediately.

This amendment would create the Ohio Livestock Care Standards Board for the purpose of establishing standards governing the care and well-being of livestock and poultry in Ohio. This bipartisan board would consist of 13 members.
1. The Director of the Ohio Department of Agriculture.
2. One member representing family farms.
3. Two members representing Statewide organizations that represent farmers.
4. One Veterinarian.
5. The Veterinarian from the Ohio Department of Agriculture.
6. The dean of the agriculture department of a college or university in Ohio.
7. Two members of the public representing Ohio consumers.
8. One member representing a county humane society.
9. One family farmer appointed by the Speaker of the House.
10. One family farmer appointed by the President of the Senate.
This Board would have the authority to establish standards governing the care and well-being of livestock and poultry in Ohio, and would subject only to the authority of the General Assembly.

Proponents of the amendment argue that the board represents a balance of interests, would establish standards of livestock care, and that Ohioans could have greater confidence in the safety of local foods.

Opponents of the amendment counter that this board should be created by statute as opposed to constitutional amendment, creating another regulatory board wastes revenue, and that the amendment could prevent animal care reform.
(Above excerpted from the Ohio League of Women Voters. is a program of Rural Action, a membership based non-profit organization dedicated to sustainable development. ( As the Sustainable Agriculture Coordinator I do not feel that I can take an official stand on this issue. We do however look forward to serving as a forum for a discussion of its merits on our social networking site. For more information go to the following sites:



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